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Welcome to Hurricane Spa Bath

As one of Norway’s most innovative design houses, our continual research and development programme has ensured that the Hurricane is the most innovative, pleasurable and hygienic  spa bath on the market.

For 20 years Fjordbad has been at the forefront of new whirlpool and spa bath design.

Our patented NonBac™ massage system will ensure a clearly stimulating bathing experience.

Innovative - because of its unique hydrotherapy system, curved design and hygienic transparent base.

Pleasurable - giving you a choice of three massage strengths, plus the luxury of an extra-deep tub for an all-over feeling of weightlessness.

Hygienic - it’s so easy to see when the bath needs cleaning, and the Hurricane needs no special chemicals to keep it free from bacteria and other unpleasant micro-organisms.

The Hurricane’s ergonomics, aesthetics, high-performance materials and technical design combine to give the invigorating health benefits of a spa bath with superior hygiene.
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